bagoongPangasinan is well known for it’s mouth-watering “Bagoong”  (salted fish).  To make a quality bagoong you’ll just need fishes ( dilis, terong, galunggong, sinalyasi and tamban )  and salt for fermentation.  You’ll just ferment the fishes for three to five months and even for a year to dissolve the salt and bring out the sauce or ” patis “.  Grind fermented fish can also be added, a food coloring is an option to add for a pleasant color.

Year 1945  when my grandmother started to make ” bagoong ”  in Lingayen, Pangasinan, it was quiet different because of the low technology they have before.  Everything was done on manual, there’s no mixer for fermented fish and they used ” tapayan ” to store the bagoong and the process was so slow and a bit difficult, unlike now, bagoong makers are now using big mixers to grind fishes, they do have big ” camarin” made from cement to store and ferment the fishes, and all of the equipments used in making bagoong are stainless made.

Bagoong business is a profitable business in Lingayen, Pangasinan, many bagoong manufacturers were now successful, they earn alot of money from bagoong.