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gift 2 gov.A simple present to our honorable father of Pangasinan, Governor Amado Espino Jr. from the PPO of Lingayen as their tribute to his achievements and contributions to our province Pangasinan. As they call him the ” Action Man” , a man full of action, who action what he speaks. Try to visit our province and experience the big improvement.

Mural Painting in PNP La Union

mural L UThis mural Painting was commissioned by the PNP of  San Fernando La Union.  They saw and appreciated the mural painting in Lingayen, Pangasinan and decided to have their own done by the artists, to promote the various activities of PNP and to show that they have  peace and order in their province.

AMBABANGIL- Art exhibit

AMBABANGIL is the Pangasinan translation of the word ” variety “.  Featured artworks in this exhibit are mixed collection of sculptures by Pangasinan local artists who used scavenged materials, bonded stone, paper mache and century – old salvaged woods to produce works symbolic of nature romanticism, even surrealism.

Earnest, a painter, sculpture, and a member of the Art Association of the Philippines is already a recipient of various citations and recognitions in national art competitions.  He is a former member of the Subcommittee on Visual Arts of the National Commission for Culture and Arts.  Presented here are some of his sculptures, old-salvaged wood handcrafted in detail, some featured in his recent one-man show ” Kiew ” in Makati City.

Pars, a professor at  Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus, is a multi-awarded visual artist and member of the Art Association of the Philippines.  His paintings and sculptures of various themes maximize the use of scavenged materials and found objects.

Ram Mamalio, painter, sculptor, creates portrait sculptures and monuments in bronze, diestone, bonded marble, and cold-cast bronze.  Among his significant works are the bronze statue of former Governor Daniel Maramba in Lingayen, and the bust sculpture of National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose in Rosales.

Ryan Vicente is a neophyte artist from Lingayen who dabbles on painting and sculpture as a hobby.  His featured art work is an interplay of wood and found objects, with functionality.

“Alay sa Pamilihang Bayan” is the theme for ArtPetron 2009, the nationwide art contest promoting Philippine art, culture, tradition and values to the Filipino youth.

By focusing on Philippine markets (pamilihang bayan), ArtPetron 9 sends out an open invitation to bask in the sense of community and abundance in the different traditional markets all over the country. Much of Philippine culture is deeply embedded in these public places, reflecting values of trust, industriousness, and pride in one’s produce.

Entries to ArtPetron 9 must feature pride in the Filipino vendors and in our country’s produce. Markets depict richness of life; each speaks of the unique identity of its locality. It proudly highlights its hometown’s distinct products — tuna market in Saranggani, danggit market in Cebu, strawberry fields in Baguio, vegetable market in Benguet. Philippine markets define who we are.

ArtPetron’s 9th National Student Art Competition is open to all students 15 to 28 years old who are enrolled in a college or university program or in a museum-based painting/photography class.

Student artists may compete in three categories, with the following criteria:

  • Watercolor or Water-based Media – surface must be watercolor paper or illustration board; unframed size not more than 4 ft x 4 ft.
  • Oil or Acrylic – surface must be canvas, canvas paper or wood; unframed size not more that 4 ft x 4 ft.
  • Colored Photography – unframed size is between 8 x 10 inches to 10 x 15 inches; original photograph taken after 28 February 2009; not previously exhibited or awarded a prize in another contest; not corrected or manipulated in any post-production activity. Entrants must declare type of camera used; digital photography allowed; filters allowed.

Six grand prize winners (three from each painting category) will receive P50,000 and an ArtPetron trophy made by National Artist Napoleon Abueva, who is also the chairman of the ArtPetron board of judges. Six runners-up (three from each painting category) will receive P20,000 and an ArtPetron trophy. In the photography category, six grand prize winners will be awarded P30,000 and an ArtPetron trophy, while six runners-up will receive P15,000 and an ArtPetron trophy.

Application forms are available from the President’s or Fine Arts Dean’s office in all schools and universities, participating Petron service stations and bulk plants nationwide, or from the ArtPetron Secretariat office at Studio 5 Designs, telephone 8953971. A downloadable application form is also available from the website:

Deadline for submission of entries is 24 July 2009 at Petron bulk plants nationwide or 31 July 2009 at the ArtPetron Secretariat.

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xcbit7My daughter Charlene with her Ninong Jhun.

xcbit41On the spot portrait sketch by Jhun.

xcbit61Our second night at the exhibit  area.

Mural Painting – Our Final Day

We are very proud in representing the Municipality of  Bugallon through this  mural painting as we gave our best to show the beauty, unity, peacefulness and progress of this town headed by their beloved town Mayor Hon.  Rodrigo M. Orduna.mural-bugallon1

Mural Contest – Day 11

mural-gangAlthough it’s summer, during our first week the competition is tough because of the heat of the sun and  some participants cannot manage to finish their painting so the committee gave us extension.  The following weeks was even more tougher because of the rain everyday, so we decided to buy a tent to protect us from the rain so we can continue our mural painting.  Here I am finally putting the finishing touch on the logo.

Hoping this mural painting will give pride and joy to those who commisioned on us the Municipality of Bugallon.