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Fusion Excel Stockist


Optimum Energy for your peak performance is the promise of Fusion Excel quantum products.  By just using the quantum products of Fusion Excel, you can really feel its health benefits, an amazing product that everyone must have, because of its natural components it’s very safe to use by anybody.  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Manuel, the owner and manager of Angeluz General Merchandising and Gregg Glassware, believer and satisfied user of Fusion Excel Quantum products is the first stockist of Fusion Excel International here in Lingayen, Pangasinan.  They invested a total of 309,000 pesos worth of products, beneficial for independent distributors because of products accessibility, Fusion Excel distributors will just have to purchase the product thru Mr. and Mrs. Greg Manuel.  Thanks for the trust and confidence to the company.

WD’s Merchandising


Looking for construction supplies? Here at WD Merchandising you can find the complete construction supplies you will be needing, from sand and gravel,hollow blocks, cement, house paint, wood,  electrical supplies and other construction materials.  WD Merchandising offers a variety of quality products where you can choose from.

WD’s Merchandising is located at Maramba Boulevard, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.  You can contact them at telephone numbers (075) 542-7153 and (075) 542-6638. Own and manage by Mr. Willie C. Caronongan.

To Mr. Willie, thank you very much for your generosity, for sharing your blessing to young artist by being part of our advocacy and sponsoring the Anak Pawis Artist foundation.  May you be bless more and more! More power to you Sir Willie!


Kawanku Trading and Construction Supplies

Owned and manage by Mr. Teddy Flores a dealer of quality construction materials which includes sand and gravel, mix gravel, boulders and filling materials.

Kawanku Trading and Construction Supplies is located in Domalandan East, Lingayen, Pangasinan.  Telephone no. (075) 662-4307 ; mobile no. 09196934637 or 09192005112

For inquiries look for Mr. Teddy Flores


Knowing the health benefits of drinking safe purified water, Mr. Eduardo B. Calpito Jr.  came up of putting a water station under the franchise of Aqua Soft Purified Drinking Water.  Aqua Soft Purified Drinking Water is accredited by Formula for health, Bureau of Health Devices and Technology, Water Quality Association of the Philippines and endorsed by Philippine Society of Pediatric Surgeon, Aqua Lab Center, DOH Accredited Water Testing Laboratory and a member of Philippine Franchise Association.

If you are looking for a fresh, clean and safe water to drink, Aqua Soft Purified Drinking Water is one of the best water station in town.  Aqua Soft Purified Drinking Water is owned and managed by Mr. Eduardo B. Calpito Jr. It is located at Burgos Street, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.  Aqua Soft offers free delivery.  You can contact them with their telephone no. 542-2782

To Mr. Eduardo “Joy” B. Calpito Jr. and family, thank you very much for sponsoring the APA foundation.

Coolfresh water


Coolfresh water purified drinking water is located at # 24  Alvear St.  West, Lingayen, Pangasinan , Philippines.

Tel. no. (075) 542-4834

Mobile no. 0921-595-2289

Own and manage by Mr. Virginio V. Jose

Coolfresh water also offers photocopying at very affordable price.

To Mr. Virginio Jose, thank you for sponsoring the apa- Anak-Pawis Artists Foundation.

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angeluzDo you want to be in fashion?  Angeluz Clothing and General Merchandise is the answer.

Angeluz Clothing and General Merchandise sell all kinds of Baclaran RTW, cloth per yard, toys for kids, men and ladies accessories, glassware, housewares  and plastic wares.  With their selling price so affordable and having good quality of their products you will surely enjoy shopping at Angeluz Clothing and General Merchandise located beside Magic Grocery, Centromart building Lingayen, Pangasinan.  Owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Greg Manuel.

To the couple, thank you very much for sponsoring the Anak Pawis Artist foundation!

Become more productive

It’s a great feeling to share the Quantum Pendant, a full power cast as we went to our kumpareng Jet’s house to introduce the good thing and benefits of the product.  After the demo, my kumpare said that the Pendant gives him presence of immediate surrounding with a poised and confident bearing of one’s self to analysis pressure situations in a calm and confident way rather then an overconfident or negative way.  The Pendant must have helped me to become more productive.

Fusion Excel at Resto Bar

September 26, 2009 typhoon Ondoy devastated Central Luzon especially Metro Manila from 6 hours rain.  Northern Luzon experienced signal number 2 especially here in Pangasinan.  Strong winds and rain shower is never a hindrance to us as Fusion Excel member to continue sharing the good thing about the good products of fusion Excel.  We held our meeting at Hotel Consuelo Resto bar to encode our newly members.  Today is the start of our success in this renowned company because we did closed a big sale because of the health benefits offered by Fusion excel.  Surely I’ll be posting more activities about this new business to share with you, for you also to be part of our success!  Thanks to our sponsor, to quantum pendant, scalar energy, fusion excel international company  that gives an optimum energy for peak performance and to my website followers.

Flora’s Bagoong

blog-blogPangasinan is known for the best bagoong.  Flora’s Bagoong has a new improved boneless bagoong made from fish extract, salt and natural food color.  Try to taste the mouth watering new improved Flora’s Boneless Bagoong located at 42 Pangapisan North, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.  You can contact them with their telephone no. (075) 542-6159

Thanks to Ms. Emily V. Victorio the manager of Flora’s Bagoong for sponsoring the Anak-Pawis Foundation.