healthNow a days, having a healthy lifestyle is not that easy.  Due to our modern technologies, like television, DVDs, cellphones, ipod video games, PSP and personal computers, many are not paying attention in having and maintaining healthy lifestyle.  Most of us are indulge in using computers, not only because it’s entertaining but also it’s informative.  That is why many people are intend to stay late at night  to be in front of the computer chatting or surfing instead of  having an adequate sleep.  This could  really affect our health.  An 8 – 10 hours sleep is very recommended in having a healthy lifestyle.  Our body works that is why we need to take an adequate rest.  Sleeping is the best form of rest where in we can regain energy.  Eating the right kinds of food, having a well balance diet, exercise and not smoking are some steps in having a healthy lifestyle.

Although we already knew the simple or basic steps in having a healthy lifestyle,some are still not paying attention in having it.  Like me, I thought that I’m physically fit , until one day, I felt something strange, I felt so tired and dizzy I also have pain in my neck, that’s why I asked my wife to accompany me to the nearest hospital to see a doctor and do some laboratory tests.  First they got my blood pressure. It was 140 over 100. omg! it was high!  A blood test was done to check the level of my cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, FBS, and CBC.  All results were normal except for my cholesterol.  I was surprised that my cholesterol level is above normal, meaning its too high at my age, because knowing that I’m not that fat, and I don’t eat too much fatty foods, I like fruits and vegetables and I prefer fish rather than meat, still my cholesterol was high.   I thought that I’m a healthy one.  My doctor said that my lifestyle before and some hereditary factors are the cause of my high cholesterol level.  The fats from the foods that I ate was accumulated for many years.  I’m so dejected to hear that.

Although I’m maintaining my healthy lifestyle today, the result of my lifestyle before affects my health now.  So, if you really want to stay healthy or be healthy better start it now.  It is also important to see your doctor and have a full medical examination at least once a year to be sure that you’re healthy and in perfect shape.  Don’t be so sure that you’re healthy even if you don’t feel anything strange.  To make sure, seek your doctor’s advice because prevention is better than cure.  Be aware and stay healthy!

As a businessman and an artist I must stay fit and healthy to perform all my duties. So I better beat my high cholesterol.  I know I can make it so as you dude!  Start having a healthy lifestyle.