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Extreme mobile phone

The use of mobile phones nowadays is rampant. Even a child now can own his mobile phone. Because of the benefits and convenience of having mobile phones, manufacturers came out of different kinds of it. We have a lot of kinds and different styles of mobile phones to choose from depending on your wants and needs. The primary use of a mobile phone is for communication but since we are advance in technology, manufacturers’ offers a lot of benefits in using a mobile phone or a cell phone. Now it is not only limited for communication, we can even download files like movies, videos, music and even games, we can also use our mobile phones in taking pictures or even taking video and we can also even watch our favorite t.v. shows or movies on it. Having a small gadget like a mobile phone really give the user the convenient in faster communication. Since the market for mobile phones are huge, manufacturers came out of stylish mobile phones, different accessories and other added features for your mobile phones. The problem on where to look and find these stuff are no more. There is a perfect website that offers everything that you need and everything that you will look for regarding your mobile phones, from mobile accessories, ringtones, games and downloads and mobile phones. They offer the latest products with high quality and offer an affordable price on it. If you have an iphone and don’t know where to look and buy your iphone accessories, mobile is the best site to look at. Caring for your iphone mobile requires you to have an iphone case to protect it from scratch and bumps. You can find and choose from different iphone cases that will suits every kind of iphone that you have. It is fine to change your iphone case from time to time to suit your mood or to personalize your mobile phone. If you are looking for the best gift to give this Valentine’s Day, mobile offers you a lot of latest products to choose from. An iphone dock with a special fashion design is a perfect choice to give to your love one this special hearts day.


Canon EOS 7D

canon eos 7d

A whole new level of passion camera.

*  18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor

*  Dual DIGIC 4 imaging Processors

*  8FPS with a Maximum of 94 Shots in JPEG (UDMA: 126 Shots)

*  100% Viewfinder Coverage with approximately 1.0x Magnification

*  19-piont Cross-type AF (Centre Point f/2.8 Dual Cross)

*  EOS Movie (Full HD Movie Recording at 30, 25, 24p Frame Rates)

*  Live View Shooting

*  High-quality Magnesium Alloy Body

*  Dust and Water Seals for Weather Resistance

*  3″ CleanView II LCD Monitor

*  Integrated Speedlite Transmitter (Built-in Flash master Function for Wireless Flash Photography)

Wow what more can you ask for, get your own EOS 7D it’s truly made to advance.

Less Salt for Healthier Life

On an ordinary day, its not unusual for a Filipino to eat salted dried fish for breakfast, then a cup of instant noodles for the midday snack. This is a lot of salt–not even counting the intake for lunch, merienda and dinner.  At the end of the day, the average Filipino’s salt intake will have gone beyond the recommended daily allowance of 2000 to 2300 milligrams which is roughly equivalent to 1 teaspoon of salt.

The dangers of too much salt
People suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure must reduce their salt intake to avoid disabling complications like enlargement, stroke and heart attack. recently its been noted that the problem may actually lie in the foods cooked in restaurants and in the processed foods we buy from the supermarkets.

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