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Dagupan City Bangus Festival

bangus2It’s been a tradition to celebrate the Bangus Festival in Dagupan City.  Every year the celebration is getting bigger and better.  Bangus Fiesta is celebrated during summer season.  Many guests were attending the celebration .  There were actresses and actors, politicians and even local and foreign tourists who are coming to celebrate with Dagupenos.

Various activities like the biggest Bangus harvest, street dancing, gilon-gilon (along Pantal river)  photo exhibit, battle of the band and the most awaited was the longest Bangus grill which is already included in Guinness World of Record are done.  There were also seminars offered, sharing the process of deboning Bangus and showing the different ways on how to cook Bangus.  Truly an interesting and a learning part of the Bangus Fiesta.

Every night performers from Manila City have a concert at the park to entertain guests especially tourists like me, also you can enjoy shopping at midnight bizaare where different products of Dagupan and nearby towns are being showcase.

I witnessed once the Bangus largest grill during the celebration of Bangus Fiesta where  I took a picture of Mrs. Susan Roces ( wife of late Fernanado Poe, Jr. ) who is one of the special guest.  There were also many different organizations who participated in the world record longest grill along downtown of Dagupan.

Bangus Festival is celebrtated as a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest of Bangus by Dagupenos during the year.


isdaanIf you are looking at a place, perfect for your family to go out for a weekend, here’s one that I know you’ll enjoy.  ” Isdaan ” located in Gerona, Tarlac, a two hours drive from Lingayen, Pangasinan is one of the best restaurant in Tarlac.  It is a Filipino Restaurant with lots of huge monkey sculptures, floating “kubo-kubo”  where you can dine and experience their native menus.

I first saw this place only on televesion and when me and my friends have a night out, we decided to go in Isdaan.  The place is more fascinating in real rather than when I saw it on T.V.  We enjoy eating our dinner with their “bilao ni aling Nena”  ( a variety of cooked fish placed in one big bilao )  While eating, a group of singers came into our kubo and serenade us with some folk songs.  It was really relaxing and everybody was happy because we didn’t expect that there’s such thing in that place.  After our dinner one staff came into  our place and offered us to join in their game, where in you should walk on a bridge carrying two pales of water without falling on to the pond to win two kilos of Tilapia.  That was really fun!

So, if you want to experience the same thing, you should visit and dine in Isdaan with your family, friends or love one.  Surely you’ll enjoy the place and the food as well.

Motorcycling Tips

riders2Enjoy the natural beauty of nature, feel the breeze and hit of  the sun by riding your motorcycle.  Here’s some safety tips to protect your self as a rider.

*  Attend a riding school.  There is a difference between knowing “how to operate ” a motorcycle and knowing “how to ride” one, on the streets or on tracks. It takes more than bravery and instinct to ride motorcycles well. Remember every peso you invest in riding education goes a long way in saving your life.

* Invest in safety gears. You are responsible for your own protection; one accident is all it takes.  Accidents cannot be eliminated, but you can minimize the risk of injury.  A certified helmet, a pair of gloves, and above-ankle footwear are a must.  Don’t be that crazy and lazy helmet-less rider in (sando) and (tsinelas).  Besides, you’ll always look good in complete safety gears!

* Visit and know your local bike shop.  Regular visit to your favorite bike shop ensures that you will know how to take care of your ride better, be updated on the latest accessories, and meet other riders. The shop may also be of help when it’s time to sell or trade your old ride for a new one.

* Go on weekend riders. It does not have to be from Pangasinan to Baguio or Manila.  Even a short and leisurely ride around your favorite back road for an hour or two will do wonders to satisfy your riding passion. Your regular commune with the road will also sharpen your skills.  I f you don’t know any route, don’t be shy to ask your club or local bike shop.

Have a safety driving and don’t forget to fasten your helmet always!

Jurassic Park

park1During my childhood years, my parents used to bring me at the park, to play along with other children.  I can’t even notice that time is passing by because of the enjoyment I feel while playing.  Those were the days where there’s only few things that you can play with at the park.

Now, It’s not only the Merry-Go-Round, Monkey Bars, Swing, Slides and the Tree House that you can play with at the park because most of our park now were well developed and has an added attraction like what we did to the children park of Bugallon. We made a Jurassic park, with a  giant life size of dinosaurs that they can play with.  It’s our another achievement, to finished a project that will bring smile to every children who might see and experience to play with those giant dinosaurs.

Boracay…Paradise Island

paradise3Bora…Bora… BORACAY!

It’s a nice place where I really want to visit. Unfortunately,until now I’ve never been in this place.  I can only see the place, visualize it through stories of my friends. Last summer, my family an I planned to go there for a short vacation but because of my very hectic schedule, it did not happen. Fortunately, my wife ( Jona ) and my sister in-law ( Joy Anne ) went into Boracay. It was a JPIA ( Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants ) annual convention.  Joy-Anne will represent Region III for the search of Ms. JPIA Ambassadress of Goodwill. My wife accompanied her younger sister to be her makeup artist. It was not that planned vacation for my wife, really it was a surprised for her because she can go in Bora for free and witnessed the pageant of her sister at the same time. They stayed there for 5 days and told me that it was really a beautiful place.  She described it as the jewel in the crown of Philippine beach destinations which attracts local and international tourists around the globe.

My wife told me about the fun that you can experience in Bora.  Boracay really has a lot to offer.  You can experience the exciting ride  in  banana boat, sea diving, sun bathe and swimming with a white sand but collecting sea shells are now prohibited.

During daytime there were a lot of vendors selling different stuff like accessories made from shells, decors, lanterns and even souvenir t-shirts.  At night, party people are everywhere.  They were enjoying the night with intense music, many are dancing with partners and some are into drinking.

According to Jona, you’ll enjoy every minute of your stay in Boracay, because of its beautiful place, nice beach with white sand and hospitable and kind people of Bora. There you can really find peace, free from worries and you can even forget your problems, it’s really like you’re into a paradise.

I’m hoping that someday I can go in Boracay with my whole family to experience the beauty of Bora.

Short Vacation

dabarkads-1It was a surprised call from my long time friend Joni.  I thought it was a joke when he told me that he’s here in the Philippines for a short vacation because I know that he’s in Brunei.  Until he came in person that day and asked me about our ” DABARKADS ” because he wants to go out and treat us.  He asked me if I know a place where to go so we can celebrate with our “DABARKADS ”  I suggested EL PUERTO MARINA a beach resort located near our house.  It was a nice place near the Lingayen beach, it is also our family’s favorite get away.  So, I called  all our friends for a get together party.

We set a date for our get together party in EL PUERTO MARINA.  It was weekend when we celebrated the party.  It was really fun, we drink, eat some favorite food and we also go swimming.  It was really a great day!  Joni promised that when he’ll come back he will treat us again into this place.  Joni is a true friend, because even on his busy days he still find time to visit and treat us into such a beautiful place.

Mural Painting

muralA mural painting located at Dagupan City Plaza was done before by local artists who are from Dagupan.  This painting is a showcase of  the products, customs, traditions, culture, infrastructures and the friendly people of Dagupan.    As time goes by, painting was ruin by typhoon and when an earthquake happened in year 1991,  Dagupan City Plaza became the evacuation center of earthquake victims.  The mural painting was not well maintained during those times, vendors vandalized the mural.  After recovery from the calamity, city government did some relocation for evacuees, the city plaza was re open for the public but the mural painting was destroyed.  So the planning department of Dagupan City with the city mayor allocated funds for the restoration and total makeover of the mural painting to make it as one of the tourist attraction in the city.

We are lucky that we’re called to commissioned the mural painting restoration.  Artists work hand in hand, gave our best to restore paintings beauty and we’re so happy because we succeeded.  Many people appreciated our work, government officials acknowledged what we did because the cost of the project was worthy.  Appreciation of our art works is a big reward for us as an artist.

We are inviting you to see this mural painting at Dagupan City Plaza here in Pangasinan.

Come and Fly With Me

travelWhen I was a child, I used to dream on travelling the whole world and I could say that I still do it at this time of my life.  Who does not want to travel anyway?  Everyone of us want it.  Travelling is one way, or should I say the best way to explore different places, traditions and of course different people.  It is the mixture of gaining knowledge and having fun.  Having a good travel adventure needs a lot of factors.  First, you must have a good choice of place to travel, second, must have the important things to bring and lastly, the best travel agency or transportation.  You must know their services and capabilities to take you to your destination safely.  It is important for us to first consider our safety because we don’t want anything bad to happen or even to ruin our adventure trip.

Pangasinan Provincial Capitol

cjMy daughters are studying at Saint Joseph High School in Olongapo City. Whenever I have spare time, I fetch them to spend vacation here in Pangasinan. One of our favorite place to visit here is the newly renovated Capitol Park in Lingayen where in we can enjoy the clean and green park, It’s nice to have picnic in there, enjoying our favorite food fish ball. We also have this historical beach “Lingayen Gulf Beach” where General MacArthur landed and stated the famous words “I shall return”. Because of the beautiful scenery where you can find peace and serenity, a perfect place for family, friends and lovers, you will surely keep on returning.

Thanks for the good governance of our beloved father of Pangasinan our Provincial Governor, Honorable Amado Espino Jr. He really did his best for our province. There were many developments and improvements where you will be really proud being a Pangasinense. For me he is a man of action. I’m glad being a Pangasinense.