Because of my parents health condition, I now manage our business  and it’s a little bit different from my chosen field of arts, but managing a Bagoong business is like an art too,  knowing the process on making a quality product, wherein there’s a lot of mixtures to be made just like in painting but in  here, different fishes are being mixed according to their sizes and kind.

Since I grew up here in our factor, exposed to every detailed of the business, it became easy for me to manage the business and make it more profitable.  You know, before, whenever I wake up in the morning I used to ride my bicycle and go around the beach line to have fresh air and at the same time to have an exercise.  Now, my lifestyle suddenly changed, whenever I wake up in the morning, my first thing to do is to get the mixer and do the mixing of our Bagoong.  That’s how dedicated I am in running our business, I do hands on managing and  aside from that I personally look up on my laborers, watch them until they finish their duty for the day.  It is very tasky but rewarding because whenever our customers comment on our products, its like a music in my ears.  They appreciate more our products than before, all of them were satisfied and happy.  Because of good quality of our products  we have a lot of repeat orders,  sales is bigger now so as with our customers.  That’s our Bagoong, made up of  love and passion of an artist, that made ELF Bagoong different among others.  So try our mouthwatering Bagoong and taste the difference.

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