fashionWhen we were born, our parents already have brought baby clothes for us, cotton white clothes, little socks and those cute tiny mittens and bonnets.  As we grow old, our needs for clothing changes from socks to stockings, bonnets to fashionable hats,  cotton white clothes to tank tops, skirts and pants and from mittens to gloves.  Fashion is every where, it is always present wherever we are.  It is considered as the reflection of what ourselves are.  Every person has his own fashion statement and ability, so it is very important for us to be concern on how we look and dress everyday, not just to beautify ourselves but most important, for us to look presentable.

There are a lot of ways for us to be “in fashion”.  First, we must be updated to what’s in and not.  Second, we must be creative and resourceful, we must to have the unique materials to use for us to go beyond the basic.  Lastly, we must have the guts and ability to wear whatever we like.  That is fashion all about, fashion is “YOU”.