Health is wealth!!  Yes indeed, I think this is one of the most common and oldest saying that I have ever known.  But come to think of it, it is very true.  If someone is healthy enough, he could possibly do every physical activities that he would want and can enjoy life to the fullest, but if someone is not that healthy or having an illness, of course it is very impossible for him to enjoy life to its fullest. That’s how important health is to all of us.

When I was a child, I always had colds and fever.  My mom told me that it’s because of the weather or because of the sweat drying on my back. Whenever I get sick, she would give me herbal remedies first, just like when I had diarrhea, she boiled some guava leaves and she told me to drink the juice coming from it. It did cure my diarrhea for a couple of days but it went back, so my mom and I went to a doctor and had me checked up and they found out that I have a typhoid fever.  Nowadays we could hear a lot of cases about people dying because of different illnesses and new found diseases like tumor, cancers and the latest h1n1 influenza virus. It’s really scary that this diseases could kill us that’s why we should have the initiative to know the symptoms and on how to cure this diseases or have a quick remedy for it before it gets worse.

Some of the common symptoms of common diseases are colds, fever, allergies, head and stomachaches and even diarrhea.  These symptoms could easily be cured using home remedies and over the counter medicines.  We could even get additional information about many ways on How to Cure diseases through the help of the internet and through those websites about health and medicines.  In having illnesses or even just its symptoms, remember not to overdose our medicines and also remember to take precautions on taking them or else it might lead to another health problem. When the symptoms get worse, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for symptoms and disease treatment.  Treat your diseases with Dr Daniel G Amen who owns the Amen Clinic providing health care services.