Lingayen is the heart of Pangasinan, a very promising municipality aiming to become a city very soon.  My hometown, Lingayen was the place that nurtured and embraced me for the past  years and counting. It housed the friends I needed, the school I wanted and the ambiance of being accepted and loved. And like it was always being said, “there’s no place like home” so I say, Lingayen is indeed my home.

A couple of times in the past I’ve been offered to work in different provinces around the country. I tried living the city life where everything happens so fast that it burns out the best in me. I was exhausted with the happy go lucky mode of life. I also had the rural experience where the whole thing is so laid-back. Having the early to bed, early to rise attitude does not fit me since I am a night person. I struggled to cope with the manner life was heading me, but I got lost along the way. From the forlorn style life was moving, there was a place I longed for. A place where I could find peace of mind and genuine happiness and that is Lingayen. Not only does it have my family in it but it was exactly the place I dreamed of living in ‘til I get those gray hairs and wrinkles face. I love Lingayen. There’s no place like Lingayen.