kite-wIt was started when I was 7 years old.  Making a kite became my hobby, from a bamboo stick, Japanese papers, glue and a nylon cord I can already make a colorful kite during my early age and until now I still do it during my spare time especially when summer vacation.

Now that I’m grown up, It is easy for me to make different shapes of kite since I’m doing it since my childhood.  One time, during Pista’y Dayat celebration in Pangasinan, I joined the kite flying competition in line with the celebration.  I made a colorful kite and made it in accordance with the Pista’y Dayat theme, because of that I won the first prize, not only I enjoyed kite flying but I did bring home an award for the most beautiful kite made during that kite flying competition.

I joined two consecutive kite flying competitions  in line with annual Pista”y Dayat celebration and I also won two consecutive first prize.  Because of that I can no longer join on the third year competition I became over qualified and the committee on that event offered me to be one of the judges.  for me it was a great honor.  Before,  my kites were being judged but now I’m the one who’s judging those beautiful and colorful kites.