kiteDuring Summer Kite Festival is in, so young ones and even old ones were busy making their own kite, from flat, geometric to figurative shapes. There’s a long line for registration of kite for a kite competition. Registration starts at 7am to 3pm. The audience can’t wait to see the kite presentation until finally at 3pm,  kites started to fly.   First kite to fly is the flat category followed by figurative and the most awaited is the geometrical kites, under geometrical category is the most difficult kite to do, you can’t even notice that it was made by pinoy here in Philippines because of it’s world class looks, but in deed it’s a 100% pinoy made. While judges of kite festival were roaming around to judge each kite.  I took the chance to took pictures from different colorful kites.  The participants can’t even feel the heat of the sun as they enjoy kite flying.