Our bagoong fiesta is about to end, and everybody is really happy about the event. Our street dancing competition is the very highlight of the fiesta. Six bagoong makers joined in the said competition, all did their very best, their efforts to practice for two months all of that were seen in their performances. All was close to perfection, costumes, dance routines and props were all wonderful.

The day started with the assembly in our town plaza. We were there at exactly 2p.m. to have everything ready for the parade and for the street dancing competition. We were all very nervous about it especially when we saw our competitors wearing their costumes with their marching bands. Big set of drums were seen everywhere, colorful costumes, beautiful muses and so many people. Our dancers looked very nervous as well. Some felt stomachaches and dizziness because of their nervousness, and we all laughed about it after the competition.

There were 4 stations wherein we have to perform our dance, and each station with take 2 kilometers to reach that was why we were all very exhausted when we reached the final stop. The street dancing and the bagoong dance competition was held at the different time so we still had time to take a rest before we proceed to the final competition. The rest of the story will follow. So be updated to my other website, corlitosway.com.