padasTiny fishes from the deep blue sea of Bolinao Pangasinan are Pangasinenses and Ilocanos favorite.  These cute tiny fishes called   “Padas ” is just one of the proud product of Pangasinan, salted fish with white syrup like a condense milk, ( but not taste like milk )  best to eat with mango or calamansi ( lemon ).

” Padas ” is one of the best buy kind and the most expensive salted fish.  Bagoong makers classified it as ” first class ”  because of its pure tiny fishes and only salt was added.  To make a quality ” Padas ” is to ferment it for at least three months in order to achieve its delicious or mouth watering taste.

This is good for people who’s always in a hurry because you’ll just need to squeeze a calamansi or lemon on it and have a cup of rice, and you’ll have already an instant meal, because it’s a no cook meal.  Perfect for those who’s on the budget especially on this time of financial crisis because of  affordability of its price.