Anak-Pawis Artists (APA) History

Anak Pawis Artists - LogoThe history began in 1993 during the most inconvenient month of rain typhoons. These natural factors are feared by most people, it brings devastation and havoc to man and his properties, thereby making life miserable specifically to those below the poverty lines. But for a group of youngsters who are in possession of unripened spirits, nothing can hinder us for what we think is the right time for coveted the dream. A right time to give birth for a new hope, the rise of a new order-one that is meant for the young and talented.

All of these started in a dream. From my young innocent mind, I was blessed with an extra ordinary talent, talent in painting and sculpting, in short talent in the field of art. From my naive age, I never stop discovering my artistic talent until it polished.

I’ve joined several art competitions and luckily I won those, on the other hand some competitions were meant for a group. It is my big disappointment then because I haven’t yet a group. From my frustration, I thought to share my talent to my fellow youth who are also interested in art and plan to have my own group.

When I got arrived together with Freddie, a classmate and a friend of mine and Arnel Castillo, an art teacher who is very close to us, we started a small art class in Pangasinan School of Arts and Trade (PSAT) located at Lingayen, Pangasinan. Utilizing the room of Mr. Arnel Castillo, We began teaching charcoal drawing and portraiture to a group of young students. Later through the month of October and November the class expanded.

This time, another breakthrough has to take shape and that is the creation of a name for the group so that it could formally presented to the public. As a leader, I thought that the name should be close to the heart and lifestyle of the masses. First, it must embody the tradition of UNITY, INDUSTRY and CREATIVITY found in common people ; then it has to be simple and shall always go in line with how the people live their lives through all the difficulties they are facing each day; lastly, it should exist in the spirit that “patience” and “struggle” are the key to success. And so “ANAK PAWIS ARTISTS’ or simply APA was conceived as the right name for the group. People say “It sounds different, unique” and it did not take time before this organization became known all around,making it a common household name (APA).

The group held its first successful art exhibit on December 28,1993 and followed by another successful one on April 29,1994. Because of consecutive success in holding art exhibit, we decided to do it annually.

When our group became popular, we also joined other art group to have an umbrella, both international and local. We expanded and managed a dance group and a live band, where in we held several concerts.

At present, the organization is headquartered as 028 Pangapisan North, Lingayen, Pangasinan. We {APA} do not only commercialize ourselves but joins hand in hand with the people in improving our community. This is done by providing training for young citizens who have their own artistic talents.

Truly, APA cannot be considered as a profit oriented group benefiting only few people but an organization committed to the service of mankind.

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