jobThere are really times when you have a lot of work loads in your company or maybe your boss tells u to do a lot of things, and there were instances that you cannot do all of it or accept another load of work so what you do is to reject them, so here are tips on how you will do it politely.

1. ”I’m in the middle of a project”  U should let the person know that u got lot of responsibilities at that moment and there are no other excuses because you have no free  time and its not your fault if you got lots of loads.

2. ” I’m not qualified for that job”  If you fell like your knowledgeable enough for that job then let them know as early as possible, its better that way.

3. ”My calendar is already full”  Admit that your schedule is really tight.  The office could understand that your world doesn’t only evolves in your work or responsibility.

4.  ” I’m not comfortable with that”  If  you don’t feel like doing job because you don’t like the people your gonna be working with,  the issues  concerning the job are morale implication, its ok!! its one respectful way to get out in a sticky situation.

5.  ”I could do that, but not now”  Our mood changes, or maybe we have a tight schedule or having personal problems, and if you could tell it a right way, maybe your boss could understand your side.