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Charcoal 2

c2I used to ride a big bike during my youth days,  so I decided to make a charcoal drawing like this one  as my mere memento.  I did this to show as a sample drawing to my students,  to serve as  their  inspiration for them to make a drawing just like this.  Being a good teacher, it must be done in action not only in words so that your students will believe in you.  To show a drawing like this,  they will be inspired to do  charcoal drawings that requires a lot of hard-work and patience because this drawing is within the field of realism.  Doing a realistic drawing is not easy, you should catch all the details especially the shade and shadow.

I’m glad that many appreciated my drawing and  they were happy because of the craftsmanship.  I taught my students to do their artworks with a lot of  patience for them to bring out the true beauty of their work.  All of my hardwork and perseverance in teaching and sharing to my students all about drawing are all worth it because they learned and apply those learning in their artworks, for me  it’s a great achievement!

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suga jr.A romantic scene.  Feel free to express your love while riding your bike.

From shade, shadow and the color tones came a well executed charcoal painting.  This charcoal painting was made by my student before ( Ernesto Suga Jr. )  and now became my buddy and ” kumpadre “.  Even though he’s now in other field, I know that there’s still spirit of art left on his heart.  Because an artist is always an artist.