highDo you know that cost of tuition fee doubles every five years?

As always said, education is the key to success.  It  is the best legacy that parents can give to their children,  but why is it education too expensive nowadays?  Schools that offering a quality education does really offer a “quality ” education?  Are parents,  still paying the right cost for tuition fee?

There were many questions that parents need to answer in choosing the right school for their kids.  Many factors are need to be considered in which the biggest factor is the tuition fee.  Is it still affordable for a quality education that we want?  Which do you prefer a private or a public school?  Parents send their children to school in order to learn and be educated.  Public schools  are offering free tuition fee for elementary and high school level and some are offering a scholarship or a lower tuition fee in college level.  How about in private schools? Parents who have enough budget prefer to send their children into a private school, they are willing to pay higher tuition fees for exchange of what they believe “quality education”.

Kids would not stop growing and as they grow, parents will be meeting a lot of expenses, primarily education expenses and the tuition fee represents only 1/3 of the total education expenses the rest is on miscellaneous  expense such as books, uniforms, school requirements and daily allowances.

Due to inflation rate, maybe the reason for tuition fee increase in private schools,  which are not controllable by the government is that to offer an increase for teacher’s salary, in order for them to motivate and do their teaching job effectively so that they can give a quality education for the students.  Sad to think that many of our good teachers as of now are applying to work abroad as a domestic helper or a care giver because of not having enough  salary to sustain their family needs.  They prefer to do that instead of practicing their profession in exchange of higher salary.  Another reason maybe, why they should increase tuition fees is for school facilities improvement especially their laboratories.  And lastly, maybe for the school to make more profit. Huh!

In the Philippines 1 out of 4 is out of school youth, not everybody can afford to have a quality education or even just to go to school and learn how to read and write.  So, what do you think will happen if most of Filipinos were not educated?  Are we still going to succeed?  Many are hoping that government could do something about it ( tuition fee increase ) and school administrators should be considerate in increasing the cost of tuition fee because everybody wants a quality education, but not everybody can afford it!