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On the Top


Guess who’s on top?  It’s me!  Before I was afraid of heights but because of our giant Christmas tree project, I was forced to be on the top of the Christmas tree to fix the star.  The night before the opening ceremony and the lighting of the Christmas tree,we tested the lights of the tree and it so happened that there was a short circuit resulting to a problem in the star which is placed on the top of the tree.  I asked our laborers to fix the problem but no one volunteered and want to be on top, so I decided to do the task.  It was my first time to ride in a boom truck and since I’m afraid of heights, can’t really imagine to do it but I have no choice.  It was indeed nice experience.  It was just like riding in a ferris wheel.  I felt good when I was on top of the Christmas tree not only because I conquered my fear but also by doing my task successfully.

The opening ceremony were broadcasted by the two big networks, the GMA 7 and the ABS CBN.  It was a successful night for us artists who made the giant Christmas tree in Pangasinan.

Christmas Rush


A  hectic schedule for a rush Christmas presence from our governor Amado Espino.  Recently the province of Pangasinan requested us to build the biggest Christmas tree in Pangasinan, to build at Capitol near beach front.  For us it’s another challenge because we have to build that for a limited time only.  Their expecting us to finish it until December 1, 2009.  A rush project that requires us to work until 2 am and start working again at 6 am.

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