dabarkads-1It was a surprised call from my long time friend Joni.  I thought it was a joke when he told me that he’s here in the Philippines for a short vacation because I know that he’s in Brunei.  Until he came in person that day and asked me about our ” DABARKADS ” because he wants to go out and treat us.  He asked me if I know a place where to go so we can celebrate with our “DABARKADS ”  I suggested EL PUERTO MARINA a beach resort located near our house.  It was a nice place near the Lingayen beach, it is also our family’s favorite get away.  So, I called  all our friends for a get together party.

We set a date for our get together party in EL PUERTO MARINA.  It was weekend when we celebrated the party.  It was really fun, we drink, eat some favorite food and we also go swimming.  It was really a great day!  Joni promised that when he’ll come back he will treat us again into this place.  Joni is a true friend, because even on his busy days he still find time to visit and treat us into such a beautiful place.