entertainmentGiving the best kind of entertainment for my kids that I’ve never experienced when I was a kid is one of my priority.  During my childhood there were only few kind of entertainment.  I used to play only street games and after playing when I got home my mother always scold me because my shirt is full of dirt and sweat.  But now, due to modern technologies, we have a lot of computer games, cable on television which you can choose a lot of channels to view from.  My kids really like these form of entertainment.  Charlene ( my elder ) loves to watch Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, Coleen ( my younger ) likes to write on a computer , search on Encarta and sometimes view her friends on her friendster account and play games on internet.  She loves Barbie.  I allow them to use these kind of entertainment only during their spare time, after finishing their home work and during no classes to maintain balance from their busy school days.  A form of their relaxation at home.

We need some entertainment to have a balance life, it helps to eliminate or lessen some stress on our daily living