This coming May 2010 election is not as the same process of voting just like the past year.  The voting process this coming election will be computerized, this means the voting process is faster, this will ensure speedy, orderly and may be a clean process of election results and minimizes electoral fraud.  That is why the Commission on Election guaranteed the integrity of the system is 100%.  If this computerized election on May 2010 will be successful, it will mark a new beginning and hope for Philippine politics.

However, Filipinos must ensure that they will be able to vote and their votes will be properly accounted for to whom they really have chosen.  I hope that this modernization of the election in our country will benefit and improve the wrong impression of everybody about country’s politics.  But we should still guard our ballots whether it is computerized or manual because Poll automation is not an assurance to cure the cheating in the election and we should also be able to cast our vote because it is a huge responsibility and if we look back at our history our ancestors have fought and died for their right, a right that we should never take for granted.  Filipinos are known to be a freedom fighter.

So this coming May 2010 election, we will experience a computerized voting process and will again exercise our right and responsibility to vote.  Vote wisely guys!