It will only be a few more weeks for the upcoming election 2010, and I am very much excited about it. Having this election is a very important because a lot of Filipinos are expecting a big change the candidates who will win the said election.

What I am really excited about is who will win the position of the president. Our country had suffered so much from the previous leaders of our country and a lot of controversies and secrets were revealed even anomaly when it comes to the present administration. As a concern citizen of this country, I want the best people to have the authority to lead our country and I want the person in the highest position to be very responsible and live a simple a life. I want the next president to be very honest and concern about his fellow Filipinos so that he would understand what every Filipino feels about the situation of our country right now. I am hoping that he can do a big change in the way the system runs this country and maybe he could make our way of life better by doing such things. I will be very happy if our next president will not be corrupt and will have no interest in money and will think about his fellowmen first before his self. Let’s just hope that the person who will be elected as our next president will be the best president that the Philippines will have.