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Dagupan Bangus

bangus1A catch from Dagupan’s famous Bangus. Try the pride of Dagupan their delightful taste of native bangus. Everybody’s favorite! Grand Prize Winner – Ating Yaman Photography Competition.


sinampay1A silhouette approach, a representation of milk fish portrait hanging on bamboo sticks. Night photography winning moment…


kiko1A beautiful landscape horizon and a touch of sunset beyond that mountain is a quiet place where-in a perfect river to catch a fish.
This river is just few minutes walk away from our house. So Kiko and I went for fishing…

Good harvest

mango1A bountiful Mango fruits harvest. Mangatarem, Pangasinan’s pride!
My winning photo in Ating Yaman Photography Competition.

For Your Eyes Only

photoMy ability to see beauty in what could be monotony to anyone else is what fuels me to keep up with this can of lifestyle. Even on rare vacation, I would still lug the camera along and shoot. “Photography is one of my life, with a great passion, and I can’t help but click away when I see beautiful subjects and situation images”.

I begun to shift into professional photography after winning several photo contest both local and international. I bought a professional camera from my cash winnings. Before I used to borrow camera from my cousin and friends, so it took me awhile to buy a professional cam, from the fruit of my labor I was able to buy my own cam and beginning to reap.

Now, I have more chance to explore the art of photography. As an artist it became easy for me to get the right angle and catch the unique and natural beauty of one object. As years pass by, I can’t help but wonder of fast paced technology, having said that the world of photography is turning into digital photography which means requires more skills into digital photo enhancement. Your subject becomes more extra dramatic when you enhance it thru the use of a computer. Using software which you can buy in a cheaper price.

As you enter into photo digital world, there’s a lot of experiments and you can immediately see the results which allows you to make adjustments and corrections on the spot. Now, in digital world, its a worry free for those who don’t have enough budget in buying a film because digital cam is a zero or free film camera, using only a memory card you can capture as many as you want. You can also transfer or delete with your captured picture into your computer and add some special effect.