How many of you dreamt of becoming a beauty queen? I bet there are a lot. They say that beauty queens are made, not born. But I think it’s either, because there are girls who were born a natural beauty queen. I mean, the way they talk, walk, and mingle with other people even though they don’t have that “title”. I would like to share a story of transformation of a girl to lady.

Miss Olga Ferrer, a 15 year old stunner from Pangasinan National High School, was our muse for our bagoong festival last April. She was indeed a winner when we first saw her; she’s too tall for her age and indeed very beautiful. She told us that she doesn’t have any experiences when it comes to joining such competition. But we also told her that we will help her in all her needs. We trained her on how to walk, and we were very surprised that she was able to get it at once. We taught her what to say in her introduction and again, she amazed us on how fluent she is in her English. We only trained her for 3 days since we were too busy doing a lot of things that time.

On the night of the competition, she was very beautiful; she wore the dress that we made for her, and we can see to her that even though she was very nervous, she could still maintain her poise. She won that night as the first Miss Pangapisan North and we will always be very proud of her. We wish that she will come a long way.