It was really great to still get in touch with your relatives abroad even if you haven’t seen them for a long time. My aunt just called yesterday and we have talked for almost four hours! She told me that they moved from another place since her husband has to relocate his job and also because of housing market collapse in some parts of Southern California. And because my aunt is a story teller of just about anything, she even told me how worried she was about their move. She really likes to invest on their house especially antique furniture from different countries, really big chandeliers because they really amaze her, and it became her problem that they might found movers that are irresponsible. Then one of her friends recommended the All Star Moving Company. She was hesitant at first to call their San Diego movers, but she did it for the sake of their move.

I could already imagine her smile on the other line when she told me that the San Diego movers were very professional and very careful on handling their furniture. The price was all worth it. She had the peace of mind while travelling to their new house and was very surprised to see their furniture and her chandeliers still on great shape.

The All Star Moving Company also has their Irvine movers and you can also try their Carlsbad movers, a good thing for a lot of people who wants to have no worries and peace of mind for their move.