saltPangasinan’s white treasure, from the heat of the sun, bountiful mineral of sea and with the hard work of Pangasinense’s is a gift from nature. A rock salt that is very useful and a proud product of Pangasinan in line with Bagoong and Bangus.

Aside from being the basic kitchen condiment used for cooking. It can also be used as a cleanser and a preservative. Salt is also the number one ingredient in fermenting fish to make “Bagoong”.

Whenever I see sack of salts in our storage room, I always think of something, on how to incorporate it in my Art as an Artist. So I begin experimenting on it. I thought of something different that I’ve never did before. It came out with a simple approach, as I get my art tools and begin sculpting the salt. It turned out amazing and loved by everyone who seen it.

I’m so very glad that I have a lot of customers who had buy and would like to buy my salt sculpture.
The City of Dagupan was the first to buy my Salt Sculpture. They put it to their buffet table during their special occasion. That followed by many occasions which made many orders for my salt sculpture.

If you too are interested with my Salt Sculpture, please do leave a message. Thank you!