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Our street dancing story is not over. Here, I will tell you about our victory party, the finale of our story. We have promised our dancers that win or lose, we will have our celebration but since we won, we now called it as our victory party. Isn’t so nice to have it labeled that way?

We had our 2 day preparation for the said party. Everybody helped and participated in decision making. We bought snacks and drinks, planned meals for the big day and we came up with 4 delicious dishes. We had grilled bangus, pork lechon, dinuguan, and pork pastillas.

We went to Covelandia du Labrador, a family resort, 30 minute drive from our place. We left our place as early as 8 a.m. and we were very fortunate to have the resort all for ourselves. We were 70 all in all including our supporters and 48 dancers. We were so happy that day; we played games in the pool and eat a lot afterwards. People are starting to arrive when afternoon came and that made it more exciting. Everyone has their sun burn, tan lines everywhere especially with the kids. Lots of pictures taken, happy faces, foods and laughter. That was one of the best days that we had as a team. We went home at around 12 midnight, and everybody was exhausted but surely with a smile in their faces.

Our Street Dancing Story

Our bagoong fiesta is about to end, and everybody is really happy about the event. Our street dancing competition is the very highlight of the fiesta. Six bagoong makers joined in the said competition, all did their very best, their efforts to practice for two months all of that were seen in their performances. All was close to perfection, costumes, dance routines and props were all wonderful.

The day started with the assembly in our town plaza. We were there at exactly 2p.m. to have everything ready for the parade and for the street dancing competition. We were all very nervous about it especially when we saw our competitors wearing their costumes with their marching bands. Big set of drums were seen everywhere, colorful costumes, beautiful muses and so many people. Our dancers looked very nervous as well. Some felt stomachaches and dizziness because of their nervousness, and we all laughed about it after the competition.

There were 4 stations wherein we have to perform our dance, and each station with take 2 kilometers to reach that was why we were all very exhausted when we reached the final stop. The street dancing and the bagoong dance competition was held at the different time so we still had time to take a rest before we proceed to the final competition. The rest of the story will follow. So be updated to my other website,

street-dancing-cp1The Provincial Capitol of Pangasinan is not left behind in terms of festivities, they also have their own street dancing in connection with the annual celebration of “Pistay Dayat”. I witness this every year and I don’t even missed it’s annual celebration because I live here in Pangasinan.
Pangasinense’s were celebrating Limgas ng Dayat for many years. In line with this to make it more fun and to add an attraction to its celebration is the street dancing. Colorful costumes, graceful dances, mostly students from different public school were participants. This is their way of thanksgiving for there bountiful harvest and for all the blessings they’ve got from Lingayen beach for the year round and also a form of gathering, socialization and one way of showing their talents in dancing. You’ll really enjoy watching street dancing.

Street Dancing

street-dancingIn line with Dagupan City Bangus Festival is the colorful street dancing.  It’s so nice to see the different costumes of street dancers accompanied with some props to showcase the different products and customs of Dagupan City.  Before it was only a mere presentation but now it is already a competition.

The city of Dagupan would like to add some excitement in street dancing, so they decided to invite neighboring towns to join the competition.  Nearby towns like Calasiao, San Carlos, Malasiqui, Urdaneta, Binmaley, Mangaldan and even Baguio City joined the said competition.

Last year Bangus Fiesta, I witnessed the fabulous street dancing and I’m planning to see it again this year and I’m inviting you also to come, see and witness the amazing street dancing.  You can’t even feel tired while watching the dancers dancing on streets with colorful costumes and cheerfully dancing, it’s fully entertaining!