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A Heart for Art

heart 4 artWe the Anak- Pawis Artists group organized a foundation for the young artists to help them enhance their talent in arts especially those who are indigent.  We did several Art Workshops before where in youth are the main participants, they shown their interests and willingness in learning about art, that’s why we decided to continue what we have started, to educate more youth in relation to Arts.  The reason why we launch a campaign is to ask for your help inform of a donation.  It can be inform of cash or any art materials that can be use in our advocacy because our group fund is not enough to provide all the things needed for an Art Workshop.

As we continue this project together with you as our sponsor, we are aiming to create a competitive artist that someday who knows can be a great Artist.

So guys, we are asking for your generosity… A little amount is a big help.  Please support the Anak Pawis Artist foundation.  Thank you for your donations.

A BLAST from the PAST

groupsA group from yesterday, today and tomorrow. It has been so many years that we shared together, sharing thoughts and dreams where joy and laughter are priceless like our Artworks. The camaraderie still remains, there’s always a quick respond in every call for every agenda.

The group was united by people who has a heart for art. It was started when people from Lingayen to Dagupan and various neighboring towns were invited to join the group. It was successfully attended and many became interested in joing this group. As we go along the way, the group held several Art Exhibits and On-the-Spot Painting activities.

It was a great interaction with the people watching us doing our Sketching, Painting and other Art activities. Where they can also join and bring out their own artistic talent. The activity was fun that the group decided to explore more the beauty of nature by going to various beautiful places especially the province of Pangasinan. The group became popular as the Provincial Government and NGO’s invited the group to do and Art Exhibit. The group held its Exhibit in Lingayen Plaza, Lingayen Capitol grounds, Dagupan City Museum, CSI Plaza, Urdaneta City, Alaminos City and even outside Pangasinan.

From the past to present the group still continues to explore and their camaraderie still lives on…