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Me and My Quantum

Let me share some in-sight why you should try to wear the Quantum Pendant.  I used to consume energy drinks  every day like Extra Joss, Cobra energy drink  as well as B-Complex supplements daily because I usually felt tired by the end of the day…Until someone came into our house and offered to wear the Quantum Pendant.  Now after wearing on the pendant I don’t feel tired even  past midnight, because of the sustained constant supply of energy to the body.  I’m no longer spending big amount of money for my energy drink and food supplement, that’s a big savings  for me!!  They told that the Quantum Pendant can release the stored energy in our body and give balance, extra strength and make you more flexible,  for you to enjoy life to the fullest.

My Fusion Excel

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I never thought that I can also wear a pendant that  president GMA is wearing.  The Quantum Pendant from Fusion Excel that gives an optimum energy for peak performance… Many celebrities, politicians, national and international athletes like our own “Pacman” Manny Pacquiao were already wearing it.  I feel also like a celebrity while wearing my pendant.  Wearing it gives me extra energy, strength and good feeling..

My Activity

Early morning, when I wake up, after brushing my teeth I rushed to my motorcycle to fixed the unfinished business. Yesterday I went to repair shop “talyer” in tagalog to fix the front brake of my motorcycle which I thought it was only the problem but I found out that bearing was also broken. I went back to repair shop to get the spare parts needed to replace. I was about to go to Dagupan City when I received a text message and it was from my Kumpareng Erns, asking me to go to their house to help the carpenters in installing the electrical and water pup for the waterfalls, our project in Provincial Capitol. It was a very busy day, Pareng Erns bought me a drink. While drinking, my Kumpareng Steve texted me asking if I’m online, I replied that I’n not and I’m with Kumpareng Erns. Another text again from my Mahal (My Wife) asking me to buy her a “pasalubong”. She likes Shawarma. So, I make sure before going home to buy her one. Right now, after eating dinner I’m here in front of my computer posting my today’s activity February 17, 2009. Thanks for reading!