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Yesterday, my wife and I were just talking about out of the country trips. We have thought of it a long time ago but because we were too busy in our business, we didn’t have time to pursue our plans. She said that we should take first Asian country tours like in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau. We have searched about it online and there are a lot of packages to choose from. We were very excited about it especially our two kids since we’ve planning to bring them in Disneyland. And since we are also planning to have our third baby by next year, I hope that we could have our trip as our second honeymoon. So wish us luck!!!


How many of you dreamt of becoming a beauty queen? I bet there are a lot. They say that beauty queens are made, not born. But I think it’s either, because there are girls who were born a natural beauty queen. I mean, the way they talk, walk, and mingle with other people even though they don’t have that “title”. I would like to share a story of transformation of a girl to lady.

Miss Olga Ferrer, a 15 year old stunner from Pangasinan National High School, was our muse for our bagoong festival last April. She was indeed a winner when we first saw her; she’s too tall for her age and indeed very beautiful. She told us that she doesn’t have any experiences when it comes to joining such competition. But we also told her that we will help her in all her needs. We trained her on how to walk, and we were very surprised that she was able to get it at once. We taught her what to say in her introduction and again, she amazed us on how fluent she is in her English. We only trained her for 3 days since we were too busy doing a lot of things that time.

On the night of the competition, she was very beautiful; she wore the dress that we made for her, and we can see to her that even though she was very nervous, she could still maintain her poise. She won that night as the first Miss Pangapisan North and we will always be very proud of her. We wish that she will come a long way.


Lingayen is the heart of Pangasinan, a very promising municipality aiming to become a city very soon.  My hometown, Lingayen was the place that nurtured and embraced me for the past  years and counting. It housed the friends I needed, the school I wanted and the ambiance of being accepted and loved. And like it was always being said, “there’s no place like home” so I say, Lingayen is indeed my home.

A couple of times in the past I’ve been offered to work in different provinces around the country. I tried living the city life where everything happens so fast that it burns out the best in me. I was exhausted with the happy go lucky mode of life. I also had the rural experience where the whole thing is so laid-back. Having the early to bed, early to rise attitude does not fit me since I am a night person. I struggled to cope with the manner life was heading Read the rest of this entry »


When we want to go in some place, we would like that we will have fast and comfortable trip. This is because if we are not comfortable, the tendency is that the trip will be boring for us and we will never enjoy the trip at all. One of the ways to make your trip really enjoying is to have Charter bus rentals NYC. That way, the trip is all yours to enjoy. It will make the travel hassle free and quick too. This is perfect for those who are hurrying with their trips. These bus charters will surely get you to wherever it is that you want to go in its base.

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It has been a customary to people that whenever they are engaged in travel of any purpose such as for business trips, for leisure and so many more, they tend to feed their eyes with the scenic and bucolic view of the surroundings that they are to pass by.  City Sight New York knows this and so they offer you the service that will give you unforgettable trips because of the beauty of the scenes that you will see along the way with your travel.  Try to avail their service and see the difference they can make.

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pistay_dayat_09Come celebrate with us the Pangasinan’s Pista’y Dayat ’09.

Pista’y Dayat Program of Activities (April 25 – May 3)

Rosales Pasalubong Center

pasalubong-centerNorth of Manila, two hour drive from Lingayen going to Rosales after SM Supermarket.  A Pasalubong Center a place where you can buy a different products of Pangasinan like Bocayo, Puto from Calasiao, a different local wine like Duhat and Bignay, Boneless Bagoong, Woodcrafts, Native Cakes, and other delicious Delicacies for the travelers who wants to bring pasalubong for their families or love ones.  This is also the place where we went for the competition (Mural Painting ).  Hope that you’ll drop-by whenever you will pass-by in Rosales, Pangasinan.

street-dancing-cp1The Provincial Capitol of Pangasinan is not left behind in terms of festivities, they also have their own street dancing in connection with the annual celebration of “Pistay Dayat”. I witness this every year and I don’t even missed it’s annual celebration because I live here in Pangasinan.
Pangasinense’s were celebrating Limgas ng Dayat for many years. In line with this to make it more fun and to add an attraction to its celebration is the street dancing. Colorful costumes, graceful dances, mostly students from different public school were participants. This is their way of thanksgiving for there bountiful harvest and for all the blessings they’ve got from Lingayen beach for the year round and also a form of gathering, socialization and one way of showing their talents in dancing. You’ll really enjoy watching street dancing.

Street Dancing

street-dancingIn line with Dagupan City Bangus Festival is the colorful street dancing.  It’s so nice to see the different costumes of street dancers accompanied with some props to showcase the different products and customs of Dagupan City.  Before it was only a mere presentation but now it is already a competition.

The city of Dagupan would like to add some excitement in street dancing, so they decided to invite neighboring towns to join the competition.  Nearby towns like Calasiao, San Carlos, Malasiqui, Urdaneta, Binmaley, Mangaldan and even Baguio City joined the said competition.

Last year Bangus Fiesta, I witnessed the fabulous street dancing and I’m planning to see it again this year and I’m inviting you also to come, see and witness the amazing street dancing.  You can’t even feel tired while watching the dancers dancing on streets with colorful costumes and cheerfully dancing, it’s fully entertaining!