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My Laptop

laptopFinally, the long wait is over.  After two weeks of waiting the Magic Appliance Center Inc., Lingayen branch called me up and said that their stock just arrived.  So, I hurriedly go to the bank and withdraw some cash to purchase my ordered laptop.  Now that I have my own laptop, it’s easier for me to do some business and to market my website.

If you’re looking for a laptop that is affordable but have good specification and stylish here’s my suggestion.

My laptop specification: acer

Aspire AS2930z-423G32Mn

Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 2.0GHz

3GB DDR2 Memory (Upgradable to 4GB)

320GB SATA HDD Intel Graphic Media accelerator

8X Multi Layer

12.1 WXGATFT Crystal Bright LCD

56kbps modem; 3X USB

Integrated 802.11b/g Wireless LAN

Intregrated Acer Crystal Eye Webcam

6 cell battery; Built-in 5 in 1 Card Reader

Built-in Bluetooth

Windows Vista Home Basic

Reg. Price: 40, 634.oo

My Laptop Gadget

I’m planning to buy my own laptop, so yesterday I went to my favorite mall for inquiry, to know the prices if it will fit on my budget for my gadget in blogging.  The salesman suggested the best seller brand.  He gave me an idea what to purchased.  I also asked a second opinion with my blogger friend and suggested me with thesame brand.  I ordered it and I will be having my laptop by  next week.  I’ll just wait for my alexa  to have a good traffic because I’ll be using my laptop as a tool for my future reviews.  Boy! I can’t wait to have my own laptop and I’ll be posting it soon as soon as I have it in my hands.


cptext, text, text boy… I remember the days during my younger years , I didn’t experience a single ring in our house. It was only when I finished college when I first heard a rang from a telephone in our house. Wow! Technology evolves so fast. Now, even a land line phone can receive and send text messages. Nowadays teenagers and even children at their young age do have cellphones to use for communication especially in courtship. My Gosh! A lot of teenagers spend most of their time and even more money in buying prepaid cards to load to their cellphones. Instead of buying a snack for their recess, they still prefer to use their money for texting, that’s how important texting really is…

I’m glad that technology is fast evolving. A technology like this is very useful and effective in terms of communication. Cellphones through texting is considered to be the primary tool for communication in this modern times because even deaf and mute can effectively communicate, express their feelings through texting… So for the inventors and developers… thanks and more power!!! MABUHAY!