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msBb.Olongapo tourism 2008 Ms. Joy-Anne Naval Cornejo of Olongapo City is another happy and satisfied wearer of fusion excel quantum pendant.  After her school hours she still go for her on job training at UCP bank, this hectic schedule of hers make her really tired and stress, she don’t even have time for her family because whenever she got home she’ll just sleep to take a rest.  When quantum pendant introduced to her, like others who’s skeptical at first, she even laughed and really don’t believe on the product until it was demonstrated on to her.  Joy-Anne was amazed about the instant effect of the quantum pendant, she couldn’t believe that by only pointing the person while holding the product, you can transfer the energy that can improve one’s balance and strength. The reason why she don’t want to remove the pendant it’s because according to her, in just a matter of small time, her health complain  about her back pain was gone.  Now, she don’t easily get tired and always look happy because she feels good inside and feels very energetic, she also noticed that her skin became more radiant.  Thanks to the new discovery of Scalar energy.  Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant really helps a lot in improving one’s health condition.  Don’t be without it!

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The Mayor with quantum pendant


Another product believer, our beloved Mayor Honorable Ernesto “Jonas” Castaneda Jr. after our demonstration on how the fusion excel quantum pendant works, Mayor did not hesitate to have his own pendant.

Become more productive

It’s a great feeling to share the Quantum Pendant, a full power cast as we went to our kumpareng Jet’s house to introduce the good thing and benefits of the product.  After the demo, my kumpare said that the Pendant gives him presence of immediate surrounding with a poised and confident bearing of one’s self to analysis pressure situations in a calm and confident way rather then an overconfident or negative way.  The Pendant must have helped me to become more productive.

Fusion Excel at Resto Bar

September 26, 2009 typhoon Ondoy devastated Central Luzon especially Metro Manila from 6 hours rain.  Northern Luzon experienced signal number 2 especially here in Pangasinan.  Strong winds and rain shower is never a hindrance to us as Fusion Excel member to continue sharing the good thing about the good products of fusion Excel.  We held our meeting at Hotel Consuelo Resto bar to encode our newly members.  Today is the start of our success in this renowned company because we did closed a big sale because of the health benefits offered by Fusion excel.  Surely I’ll be posting more activities about this new business to share with you, for you also to be part of our success!  Thanks to our sponsor, to quantum pendant, scalar energy, fusion excel international company  that gives an optimum energy for peak performance and to my website followers.

Sky Walker- Samboy Lim

samboyThis is what Samboy Lim says about the Fusion Excel.  My balance flexibility increased by 15-25% since I began wearing the Quantum Pendant.  What is more amazing is when I tried the Quantum Pendant with my 73-year old mother who used to struggle rising from her seat.  Now she can do it with ease and is so energized that moving around the house is effortless for her .  Both my mom and I now wear the pendant constantly.  This is really a blessing and I would recommend this to everyone who desires better  health and peak performance.