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Spam is it good or bad? every morning when I open my website and go to  admin,  a surprise spam waiting in my dashboard.  So I asked my colleagues about spamming and they told me that it is good for the spammer because it leaves link to their website.  Now I know, some bloggers using this kind of techniques leaving spam just to create more traffic every time you click the link and to add it also create bounce from your website to their website if  you will approve the spam from your comment side.

Blogging Joy Ride

joy rideWhen I started my website,  just new in this blogging world.  I asked my friends    ( ice, russell and steve) to teach me about the basics and the fundamentals of blogging because they were expert in programming and they did not hesitate to teach me.  Little by little I learned from them and still learning until  now.  I used to post everyday until I became busy with our bagoong business, so I only post once in a week during my busy months.  Sometimes I post once in a month and that is a big “sayang” because it would be better if I continued my daily postings, it did affect my traffic.  Just like a journey, I parked for a while and until someone,  sparked my spar-plug and stepped on the gas pedal and fuels up my enthusiasm in blogging.  Thanks to my passengers who rides on my journey for guiding me on my way to success in blogging.  Before, I invited some passengers to ride with me but they resist, don’t know the reason why.  Now, we are continuing our journey and many are becoming passengers, the seats were not all taken  and you are free to join our trip as we continue our journey together towards success.

Come and joy ride with us!

Good Guys Bloggers

I invited my friends to form a group, I asked them about blogging and those who are engaged in this kind of business, I invited them to go over my house and talk about blogging business.  I’m very glad that they came and accept my invitation.  We exchanged ideas and decided to form a group because we have common goals to earn money from blogging.  We already have one website formed as our main site, so we’re inviting you all to also visit that site. You are all free to leave comments on the  blogs.  Hope you’ll enjoy reading our posted articles and may you always re- visit our site.  As we continue our journey sooner or later we’re going to expand our group into an organization that can accommodate other interested bloggers to become good guys bloggers just like us.


maistlye Have you seen this picture before?   Perhaps on my friendster account and on my other website.  Before I use this here in my post, someone already grabbed it from my friendster account and post it in his website without my knowing.  I was shocked when I saw this picture in his friendster and on other website.

Now I knew that in blogging, everything is possible, grabbing others picture, using other write-ups or videos and posting it on their website using it for their own good without permission from the owner, not knowing by the readers who really owns it, until they’ll  found out who’s the real author of it.  some bloggers although they grabbed some post, still they acknowledge the author and even published the author’s site….to them I salute!!!!

I’m only new in this blogging industry, still exploring and stepping others right is not my priority, just like my experienced, someone used my name and my photo claiming that he’s my friend and he knows me a lot and believes in me but misspelled my name.. is that a joke? hehehe.  omg!  I felt bad about that =(

For me, being a responsible blogger, it would be nice to be careful and honest in your every post.  Your blog is a reflection of your  personality if you’re a true blogger.  Sometime in the future, if they’ll be some advertisers who will advertise in this site, I’ll be glad and make sure  that a hundred percent original  content will be post.  So, in return they will be grateful and satisfied.

Blogger be true to yourself!