As of now, we are preparing for our upcoming barangay festival. Our first ever bagoong festival, wherein we are one of the participants in their bagoong and street dance competition. It has almost been two months since we started practicing our routines and until now, some of our dancers still don’t know what they are doing. Well maybe because they really can’t remember it at times, too tired to do so because they have work in the morning and we practice in the evening. It really is tiring; I myself get too tired after our practice.

The competition is fast approaching and it stresses me out. I get really tense when I think about it especially when I get to see the routines of our competitors. We admit they are better than us but at least we are still doing our very best to show them that we are also good. Maybe we just need a little more polishing and a lot of motivation for our dancers. I can say that our props are way better that the others, so we really need to work hard for us to win the first place. I am wishing luck for our team.