riders2Enjoy the natural beauty of nature, feel the breeze and hit of  the sun by riding your motorcycle.  Here’s some safety tips to protect your self as a rider.

*  Attend a riding school.  There is a difference between knowing “how to operate ” a motorcycle and knowing “how to ride” one, on the streets or on tracks. It takes more than bravery and instinct to ride motorcycles well. Remember every peso you invest in riding education goes a long way in saving your life.

* Invest in safety gears. You are responsible for your own protection; one accident is all it takes.  Accidents cannot be eliminated, but you can minimize the risk of injury.  A certified helmet, a pair of gloves, and above-ankle footwear are a must.  Don’t be that crazy and lazy helmet-less rider in (sando) and (tsinelas).  Besides, you’ll always look good in complete safety gears!

* Visit and know your local bike shop.  Regular visit to your favorite bike shop ensures that you will know how to take care of your ride better, be updated on the latest accessories, and meet other riders. The shop may also be of help when it’s time to sell or trade your old ride for a new one.

* Go on weekend riders. It does not have to be from Pangasinan to Baguio or Manila.  Even a short and leisurely ride around your favorite back road for an hour or two will do wonders to satisfy your riding passion. Your regular commune with the road will also sharpen your skills.  I f you don’t know any route, don’t be shy to ask your club or local bike shop.

Have a safety driving and don’t forget to fasten your helmet always!